Hello, a friendly reminder that the 2nd Sunday food collection is this Sunday July 14.

We are especially in need of canned beef stew (Dinty Moore/Kroger/Amour brands) and canned veggies.
Please place your kind donations in the red collection boxes located near the doors at church.

Because of your generosity:
A mini food bank has been opened outside of the Sonoita library whereby people who need food can have 24 hour access to healthy food. (thank you to Santa Cruz County Supervisor Bruce Bracker for his support of this effort)
The mini food pantry outside the Patagonia food bank is being stocked with healthy food.
Over 70 families/individuals (mostly single senior citizens) who use the food bank located in Patagonia are being supplemented with food from our church
Families in need in our area are receiving delivered food.
Thank you for being the Church and for serving others in our community who need our help = Christ in action in and through you!