Man in the Mirror

I am standing in front of the mirror,
Looking at my new boots and hat,
Waxing up my mustache, hoping I don’t look fat.
Thinking to myself if my money was well spent,
Do these boots fit just right and does my hat have a dent.
All these things I worry and wonder,
Then at a moment I get the chance to ponder.
If the Lord Jesus was here with me
Would he really be concerned with the things that I see?
If I spent more time looking at my heart,
I would probably realize why things fall apart.
As I look into the mirror and deep into my soul,
I see something there that makes me whole.
I see a little spot, that at times is hard to see.
It is my true heart that is what really makes me me.
This little spot is very dear to me,
It didn’t cost me anything, Jesus paid my fee.
The only thing is did was bow my head and say,
“Lord come into my heart, I give you my life today.”
So when I look into the mirror, at my new boots and hat,
I am going to remember, “What does Jesus look at?”
He looks at his children with love and compassion,
And not at the worlds latest fashion.
So boots or hat it doesn’t matter,
Give your life to Jesus, it make you all the gladder.~~

© 2011 Athen Allee

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About the Canelo Cowboy Church

Canelo Cowboy Church held its first service Easter Sunday April 16, 2006. It was a Sunrise Service celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and was held at a historic building on the pastor’s family ranch. May 15th, 2016 was the last service at this adobe building that was a one-room school house from 1913 until 1946. Currently, we are meeting at our new building on our 17 acres of land in Sonoita, Arizona.  You can get DIRECTIONS HERE.

Our purpose is to reach the lost in the community and to support missions around the world thus fulfilling Acts 1:8. Our desire specifically is to reach the working cowboy, and others interested in the western way of life.
Our biggest outrSteve and Robbs Familyeach right now is our Ranch Family Fun Days (RFFD). We meet at the church arena in Sonoita on the 3rd Sunday of the month and have rodeo events all day long. We stop around 11:30 just long enough to have church and lunch and then we’re back after it in the arena! The church property is located at mile post 24 on Highway 83. This event draws crowds of over 200 attendees, many of whom are not church goers and have never made a commitment to the Lord, but they like to rodeo and come to the Canelo Cowboy Church to hear the Gospel.

Our vision has been to construct a multipurpose building on our 17 acres of land and finish the arena. Here we can host more RFFD’s, ranch rodeos, roping events, rough stock events, gymkhanas, have a Bible study beforehand and reach this culture for Christ. Please hold up the Canelo Cowboy Church in prayer as only through prayer will we reach the goals God has given us.  Feel free to contact us because everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there!  

Canelo Cowboy Church Building Project

If you would like to send a Prayer Request to our Prayer Posse please CLICK HERE