Being the Church

Good morning Church,

This whole situation that our country is going through is unprecedented and unlike anything that any of us have gone through.  That being the case, I believe that this is when we, as the church, are to live out the Gospel and be a church family, taking care of each other’s needs.

This situation reminds me of Acts 2:37-47 where the apostles and brethren devoted “themselves to the apostles teaching” and fellowshipped through the breaking of bread.  They sold their possessions and shared them as anyone might have had needs.

You see, we are the church.  The building provides a place for us to meet and worship, but WE are the church!  A pastor friend of mine once reminded his church that we need to stop thinking of ministry only being done by the Ordained and that ministry needs to be done by the Ordinary!  What he was saying is that we all have a role in ministering to each other.  Lifting each other in prayer!   Making sure there are no needs among us.  So I want to encourage each one of you to reach out to each other and help to meet physical and spiritual needs!

I especially want you to know that you also have an amazing group of men that you can reach out to that make up our Deacons.  If you have a need, physical or spiritual, they are here for you all.  Here’s their contact info.

Stu Misener        520-841-0638
Nick Robbs      520-471-3602
Fred Keys      713-880-8805
David Stiffey    520-403-0970

Of course Pastor Steve and I are also here for you if you need us as well.  Here’s our contact info in case you don’t have it.

Cisco Baez    (cell) 520-604-6990    (home) 520-303-5999
Steve Lindsey    (cell) 520-559-0155    (home) 520-455-5000

Please, do not hesitate to call us!  We need to be here for each other and we are definitely here for you! We love you all!

As a reminder, again we are not having church services this Sunday but please join us online on Facebook at 8:30 am on Sunday for the live stream.  

Cisco Baez
Assistant Pastor / Worship Leader
Canelo Cowboy Church
(520) 604-6990 /

Important Message from Pastor Steve

Dear Church Family,
In the 14 years that Canelo Cowboy Church has been holding services this is an absolute first. Because of the Coronavirus we are going to cancel all the services for the next two weeks. It is not out of fear but out of love for the sheep that the leadership and I have decided to move forward with this action.

When the Lord called me as under-shepherd of the church, He put in my heart a love for His people and that love is equal from the littlest baby to the oldest adult that we fellowship with. And these two groups are the demographic which is most affected by the virus. I would not be able to live with myself if anything happened to anyone that could have been prevented by simply not meeting for two weeks.

But we are going to still do our live feed on Facebook! We will include the band for our great worship and I will still preach. We are planning on broadcasting at 8:30 so we won’t miss a thing except the other peeps! So hold on while we venture into (For me at least) the unknown!

Also, the online giving will still be available to you for your tithes and offerings.

Please share on your page if you would. Thank you.

Naomi and I sure love you all!

In His Service,

Pastor Steve
Senior Pastor Canelo Cowboy Church

“Have you ever given orders to the morning,
or shown the dawn its place,
that it might take the earth by the edges
and shake the wicked out of it?”
Job 38:12 & 13

Canelo Cowboy Church Events –

Today Jennie Kramer shared with us about their adoption process that they are going through. They are asking for prayers and for financial support. Please be praying for them as they go through this process and consider donating to their adoption. You can visit their donation page here to support them.