Happy February All!

This weekend will be our first Ranch Family Fun Day of the year and we are excited to tell you about some changes for this year: After many requests, we are bringing back our separate Lead Line Class for Barrels & Poles for the littles that aren’t quite ready to compete on their own. This will be a smaller pattern and will run right after the roughstock, while the littles are still awake and happy! Remember this is just for fun, not for points towards year end awards. To qualify for year end awards in each event, the competitor must attend and compete in the event at least 3 times in the year. For example, to qualify for barrels, they must compete in barrels at least 3 times. Also to qualify for year end awards, there must be at least 2 people to compete in each event. So bring your friends! The order of events will be as follows: -Roughstock (Mutton busting, calf & steer riding, chute dogging) -(Concurrently with roughstock) Dummy roping & Goat ribbon pull -Lead line barrels and poles -Goat tying -Barrels -Poles -Breakaway Thanks again, Tiffany