Men’s 3G Event

Friday – Saturday October 4- 5

This is an overnight camping trip.

3G is, “Grandfather-Son-Grandson.”

The idea behind 3G is to get fathers, grandfathers and grandsons
together to spend quality time together and do some manly-things where
the older generation teaches the younger generation.

We are going to be camping off of Highway 83 at mile marker 6, to the
east side of the road. I am planning on being there before anyone else
so that everyone knows where to go. If you plan on attending you can
arrive anytime in the afternoon. We will have a dinner on Friday night
at about 5- 5:30 then a brief Bible study. Both Friday afternoon and
Saturday morning there will be events that all of you can participate

This is a camping trip so you need to plan accordingly. Either bring a
tent or plan on sleeping in a vehicle; or on the ground if you prefer
that. Friday evening’s dinner and Saturday mornings breakfast we will
provide. If you want anything beyond that like various snacks or
whatever please feel free to bring whatever you want. Also bring
water. I will try to have some water and juice is there but you can
never have too much water to drink.

Please contact me with your RSVP or any questions you might have.
Call or Text,

David Stiffey