Facebook post August 26, 2020 at 10:07PM

If you’re having sex before marriage, go to church anyway. If you are a drug addict trying to beat addiction, go to church anyway. If you were out drunk all night the night before, go to church anyway. If you aren’t sure what gender you prefer, go to church anyway. If you can’t quit that disgusting habit, go to church anyway. Church is a hospital for the broken, lost, empty, confused, desperate, and rejected. Every sinner has a future, and every Saint has a past. How do we break the chains of addiction and bondage? By prayer, prayer for you and prayer with you! There isn’t a single person in the 4 walls of the church that doesn’t have something they hate or regret about their past. We’ve all made mistakes, and will continue to, BUT His Grace is enough!! There’s things that I’d never want to admit outloud about myself, but God knows. And He loves me none the less. So whatever you’ve done, whatever you’re doing, whatever you will do….go to church anyway, it might just change your life!! If you are in church and don’t have any of those problems stop running those people away, just like you got saved, don’t hinder someone else from a life changing/saving experience. It’s time to shepherd some lost sheep! from Canelo Cowboy Church Facebook Page