10th Resurrection Day Sunrise Service!

This is Canelo Cowboy Church’s 10th Resurrection Day Sunrise Service! We feel blessed that you have come to join us so early in the morning! 10 years! That’s a decade folks! I wonder how many of us were at the first service we held in Canelo? Y’all been putting up with me for a long time!
As you look around at the new property you can see that the building project at is moving forward! The new building is progressing and things are changing all around us materially. But greater than that I hope you see change on the inside of you and I. What I mean is, that we as followers of Jesus Christ should see Him at work in us every day and I hope that we are growing Spiritually. As that old black preacher once said, “If you is what you was, then you ain’t!!” What he was saying is that as a Christian we should be changing and daily growing in the Lord. Things that used to bother us no longer bother us. Temptations we once gave into we no longer give into them. We don’t need to kick our wives and yell at the dog. Why? Because our lives are being filled by the Holy Spirit and we are being renewed daily!
At Canelo Cowboy Church, we don’t “do” religion. We believe that having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. We also know there is an abundance of churches out there that you could have attended today, so we are glad you chose to attend here! God may have something special that He wants to speak to your heart about. My prayer is that you will allow Him to speak to you and you will listen to His prompting. If you need to talk to a person please find me or someone that knows what a personal relationship with God is and share with them. We’d love to hear from you!
We have great music, fellowship, and food! If you hang around with us for very long, you’ll learn that’s how we roll! Please let me know if you need anything. Naomi and I love you all!