I want to welcome you to our June Ranch Family Fun Day.  I know that today is Father’s Day and I do understand that you could be celebrating in some other way, but I’m stoked to have you here hanging out with us at Canelo Cowboy Church.

What do you think of the new building? Pretty cool don’t ya think? No pun intended!

Being a father is not easy!  I know; Naomi and I have nine wonderful children.  None of them came with any instructions!  We just did the best we could, and boy oh boy did I make mistakes.  However, God knows and He was able to fix my stupid.

You know, no matter what you think, you have a Heavenly Father that loves you and He wants to help you make it through whatever struggles you may be going through right now.  As an earthly dad, I want to help my children and make sure they all have what is good and have everything that they need.  It’s part of being a dad.  It’s in your heart to do good for them.  And if we as dads want that for our children, then I can guarantee that our Heavenly Father wants to do good for you and have a relationship with you even more!  He sent His Son to die on a cross for you so you could have a relationship with Him.  Because of His love, you can spend eternity with Him. He loves you more than a fat kid loves cake!

It’s my prayer that we, as a church, can minister to every one of you.  Someone brought to my attention this week the fact that the church is the people.  That’s you and me; not the building or the grounds, but us as folks.  It’s made up of folks like us that are just plain and simple.  The Bible calls us the Bride of Christ!  His church.  But you must be born again by the Blood of Jesus Christ before you can truly be the Bride!  So please, join us today.  If you’ve never made that commitment please do.  Don’t leave here without making that decision for eternity.

God Bless You!  We sure love all y’all!