3G Event

3G is- Father- Son- Grandson:  3 Generations.  This event is for men.  Men of all ages.  If you’re a man, and you fit one of those category-father or if you’re a son or a grandfather-then join us.

Date:   March 12th
Place: Papago Springs area
Time:   8 AM

On Papago Springs Rd (from the sharp curve on 83, by the mechanic’s shop,) its’s a total of 5.1 miles.  Stay on Papago Springs Rd all the way to the end.  At 4.3 +/- miles, take a right on FR 158.  Then at about 4.8 miles, continue straight.  (DO NOT go around the ranch towards the spring) At this point you’ll be on FR 4607 (which means no cars.)  At about 4.9 miles, the road forks.  Veer to the right and in a few hundred feet, you’ll be there.


  • We’ll have breakfast- a short message- then shoot firearms.
  • Shooting will all be in the same direction with a Range Master.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Bring a chair to sit in.
  • Bring a firearm, ammo, targets and an appetite. Be safe.  See ya then.  And I image we’ll be done by noon- 1 PM.