Praise the Lord!

I sure hope everyone had a great week and was blessed. We are one day closer to Christmas and you know what a wonderful time that is around here with the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and all of that! Good times are ahead for us folks!
And the loan for the new building will close this week sometime we’re hoping! Praise the Lord! How wonderful will that be! Dennis and Juli have their house on the market and they will be out here the first week of January Lord willing. Then we’ll get started on the new building and rocking and rolling there, so maybe we can be in there by our 10th year anniversary in April. Wow, a dream is fixin’ to come true, for me anyway!
As we near the season that we celebrate our Saviors birth I sure hope we can all look back and see how far the Lord has taken us as a church in the last year. We’re growing in numbers and growing spiritually. We’re going to be in a bigger place Lord willing this year so we can go back to one service and all be a family again! It’s just so great to see how God has answered prayers and how He is shaping things around here so He can grow the church and us as His children!
One of the ways He grows us as His children is to allow us to go through hard times. It seems we are more open to His leading and we have a tendency to call on Him when the hard times hit, so He goes ahead and allows them in our lives. I want to be closer to Him but that doesn’t mean I enjoy the hard times. But I know I need them. It’s a catch 22 because I know I need them but I don’t like them but I need them and…so praise the Lord, He’s in control! All we need to do is make Him the center of our world and He can handle the rest!
Please let me know if you need anything. Naomi and I love you all.