Happy New Year!

Happy New Year You All! Wow! I haven’t seen most of you all year. And you look as good as you did last year!
Well here we go into 2016. Can you believe that we’ve been alive this long and that God is still able to use us in His work on this ole earth? My heart’s desire is to see Him do some fantastic things in each one of our lives. Because when He starts working in our lives there is a ripple effect that spreads to others and the Kingdom of God expands.
I have seen so many of you all grow in Him and in your relationship with Him and it’s been so fantastic! God is moving and hearts are changing. That’s what this whole Christian experience is about. Our lives being changed and others observing that peace in our lives. They then want what we have and the lost coming to know the amazing grace that He gives so freely. What a great time to be alive and to serve a Risen Savior that is in the world today! Please, let’s allow Him to work in our lives and not allow our flesh to cloud our judgement and take away from what He is doing.
Dennis and Juli will be here in about 7 days (Give or take a day), and then we’ll start working on the new building again. We have the money in hand to get the building finished and then we’ll move from The Old Canelo School House to our new facility. I know from talking to some of you that you are not looking forward to the move, but it’s a necessary thing if we want to have the church keep on growing. Please be in prayer about where God can use you in the building process and where you can plug in to help with the move.
I am just as sad as any one that we’re needing to move! I love this old building and so many memories have been made here. But it’s a great growing pain that has been a long time coming. I really truly never envisioned all of this when we first planted this church in 2006, but it’s been His plan all along. We just need to plug-in and see where He takes us as a church and as individuals! Let’s all cinch up tight and let Him lead us wherever He wants us to go! It’s going to be fantastic! Happy New Year!!
Please let me know if you need anything. Naomi and I love you all.
-Pastor Steve